All of the Women Named Joy · Erotica · Growth

Part One : Nova and Ethan King.

God, he loved that mouth!

All of the Women Named Joy · Erotica

Part Two – Alex and Gus.

He couldn’t quite explain what was different – maybe it was how she’d stared at him all day with those big, soulful and curious eyes, as though she could see through him. Or maybe it was the way she’d listened so keenly as he went on about his childhood and how she’d laughed so hard at his jokes. Or maybe how she’d noticed he was nervous because he kept fiddling with a candy wrapper. Or maybe it was how beautiful she’d looked earlier that afternoon, sitting on the bench in the park with her legs crossed, exposing her thick, juicy thighs that were a lighter shade than the rest of her – how she effortlessly drew him in.